Ballroom Bar Table

Natirar Spa and Resort, Somerset County (NJ)

This ballroom table and its accompanying shelf are made of Walnut from the Natirar estate and measures 12-feet at 40-inches high and 30-inches deep. The shelf is 6-feet high by 5-feet wide with 4 shelves measuring from 8-inches to 14-inches deep.

Communal Table

Natirar Spa and Resort, Somerset County (NJ)

For the Cognac Room, a communal table of Oak and Walnut stands 14-feet by 5-feet with hand-carved Cedar legs. This table is finished with natural oils and stands virtually indestructible for daily use in meetings, toasts and weddings.

Dining Table

Private Residence,
New York City, NY

Hand sculpted 1.5 thick oval Walnut table. Hand carved lap joint base is also Walnut, and table is light enough to slide easily with one hand.